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Johanne Desforges 1069

Born in Lachute Quebec, she begins touring touring in the early 70s, crossing Canada and the South Ouest USA. These will be her formative years performing the top 40 hits of the day.

Johanne Desforges Voice Teacher

Teaching in private since 1976 then at Vanier College in Montreal as pop and jazz teacher for 14 years. She continues to share her passion through her website Voice in Movement.

Johanne Desforges pianist Singer

Studying classical piano as of age 9 she now studies jazz.

Choriste pour jingles publicitaires, disques et télévision, elle est aussi sur scène avec plusieurs artistes québécois.

Johanne Desforges pianist Singer

Author-Composer in both french and english crafting stories about life, she performs with amazing musicians and records five(5) CDs between 2001 and 2018.

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